Laura Shannon


Sustainability is a big part of Laura Shannon.

Laura Shannon is a completely made-to-order brand; this means there’s no excess stock or waste of fabrics if things don’t sell. Everything is made for an order and a purpose.

Laura Shannon clothing is made to last; long lasting and high quality garments means there’s less overconsumption of fashion which is much less harmful to the environment.

Laura Shannon is currently a one-woman business, so most of the designing, cutting, sewing, and packaging is done in at a home studio.

Anything that is outsourced to be made, it is important to be transparent about where it is made and how far it’s come and so this is labelled in the product descriptions. If there’s no info about outsourcing, then it’s made by Laura herself!

Laura designa a lot of her own prints, which are printed onto different fabrics.
The fabrics printed on are OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics and the inks are OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certified.
These are printed in London, UK, and are printed specifically for each order; This minimises fabric waste by only printing what is needed.

Other fabrics used, for example pre-printed fabrics that Laura doesn't design, are usually dead-stock, remnant fabrics. These are fabrics that have been over-produced and would otherwise go to landfill; although this means the fabric is limited and there’s only a small amount of these items available, it’s a process that reduces current textile waste.

Laura Shannon is as zero-waste as possible! Fabric scraps are reworked into bags, bikinis and other one-off limited pieces. Scraps are also used as a filling for cushions! Fabrics used in toiling are reused to make other toiles and pattern cutting methods are done in the most efficient, low waste way.

No animal products are used in Laura Shannon items; any fur you see within the garments/accessories is faux-fur. 
Fabric dyes and inks are either water-based pigment inks or dye sublimation inks and are vegan friendly!